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Your Unique Marketing Guide.

What is MCPortfolios?

When you're passionate about marketing, it is not long before you are tempted by the freelance world. You know you can help many people reach their marketing and communication objectives, and you appreciate the experience and bonds you build along the way. MCPortfolios was no different. 


I started this project as a side freelance business to help startups and individuals start their journey, providing solutions to their design, marketing, branding and communication needs. Today, several projects and awesome clients later, I wanted to slowly change my approach into a learning platform with tools and resources for all future marketers looking to launch their careers. 

This is my story, but I hope it can help you tell yours...


Mayssa Chidiac

Image by Jess Bailey

Let's talk about Marketing!

Need some marketing advice? I can help!

Just let me know what you are looking for and I will reach out as soon as I can.

A Guide to Modern Marketing, Vol.1

Buy your copy of our Modern Marketing Guide, Volume 1. You will find various templates, best practices, and relevant information to help you reach your marketing objectives on a personal, or professional level

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