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The Full Story


How did it start? What is my background? Where is it headed? All your questions, answered. 


The Beginning

Storytelling has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember. From an early age, I was interested in fairytales, books, movies, songs, etc. Anything that could transport you with words. And like all modern storytellers, I stumbled upon the world of marketing.

About MC

My name is Mayssa Chidiac and I am a Lebanese Canadian marketer who has always been passionate about storytelling. In my years of experience, I have touched upon different industries including: media, education, IT, Software publishing, Food and Beverages, Construction, Advertising, and more.

Light Bulbs

How MC Portfolios started

MC Portfolios (a.k.a Mayssa Chidiac Portfolios) started as a freelance project to help startups and individuals create their corporate identity, establish their brand, and educate & communicate with their market. Just like a portfolio would outline the best assets of an artist, MC Portfolios help businesses tell their story through a metaphorical "portfolio" that puts forward their biggest strengths and what they can offer.


Inspire and contribute to the future of marketing, making an impact every step of the way.

Branch of Flowers
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