The Modern Marketer Series: How Personal Branding Can Help You Market Yourself

Branding is not exclusive to companies; it can be applied to virtually anything, especially on YOU, as an individual. We are constantly marketing ourselves, consciously or unconsciously, but whether it’s in a corporate, social, or even a family environment, we put forward our personal brand for people to judge. This is why it is important to be in control of what we are projecting, rather than neglect how our brand is being perceived. There are several steps to take towards being the master of your own brand and here are some of the ways we can help.

1. Creating Your Brand

You do not have to be a corporation or a company in order to have your own branding, for example a public signature can be a version of a logo. A logo is an emblem that aids public recognition, in other words it is your essence out into a design, so why not have a logo that represents you? Moreover, you can have personal cards instead of business cards where you can display your logo, your online presence (your social media handles) along with your contact information. This way of marketing yourself sets you apart from any individual. Imagine responding to “what’s your Instagram name?” with a daring personal card. We guarantee you will be remembered. Finally, you can also create a unique email signature. How mundane is it to see the boring digital fonts at the end of every email sent? You can stand out by adding a creative signature that represents you at the end of your message.

2. Establishing an Online Presence

In today’s digital age, our online presence is extremely important if you want to expand your network. It is how we make ourselves be seen since there is hardly any human interaction, so we market ourselves digitally to initiate further connections. This online presence can be under many forms, mainly a personal website that showcases our life and career’s achievements and characteristic strong points that could translate into an online portfolio. It is a tool we use to present and showcase to our network who we are and what we can do, whether it is your photography, your copywriting, your graphic design artwork, and more. Subsequently, a major social platform that works towards our online presence advantage is LinkedIn and there are various ways to optimize your professional profile.

3. Expressing Your Visual Identity

There are several ways to express identity: through the way we dress, the way we communicate, the way we decide to present ourselves. All of your social media platforms unveil a certain aspect of your personality, and it’s important to project how you want the world to perceive you. Therefore, optimizing your identity through a personalized font, a personalized colour palette, a personalized signature gives a sneak peek into who you are; in a subtle and stylish way. Don’t be afraid to find alternatives to express your identity and impose yourself in a confident fashion!


Remember, you’re always marketing yourself, so you might as well get the right tools to do so. At MC Portfolios, we want to bring out the best in you, and beyond that, we want you to be able to show it to the world.

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