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The Modern Marketer: Keepin’ it Simple!

Nowadays marketing has become more complex than ever with the introduction of the digital world. We were used to what we knew: a TV ad, a radio spot, a billboard, or a magazine spread and it’s a go! However, with the growing use of social platforms, our ad consumption has exploded which in turn made our brain desensitized leading to a literal 3 second attention span.

That’s right, we judge a piece of content just 3 seconds into it, but can you blame us? The average modern person is exposed to 5,000 ads per day, PER DAY! It is at the tip of our fingers, inside our own homes, infiltrating our daily lives. This leads us to our next question, how do we stand out among these 5,000 ads when trying to reach our audience? Many believe that we should shoot for the moon but the answer is to just keep it simple. Here are a couple of tips and best practices:

Be brief and be clear

It’s exhausting as it is to have to be exposed to thousands of ads, but you know what really catches the eye? A straight to the point piece of content. If it is a video, do not wait until the end of the 2 minute video to share your message and definitely DO NOT create a 2 minute video. Let your audience know what your message is in the first 3 seconds! If it is a static image, then do not crowd it with text, minimalism is the answer. A direct, straight to the point kind of messaging is optimal for a strong performance.

Know your audience and their interests

Do you consider that all humans are the same? If so, then your marketing strategy should be working perfectly fine, if not then let it translate in the way you advertise. With the use of bots, and the growing tools for data capture and analysis, information has become easy to gather in order to formulate a targeting strategy that feels more personal, more relatable to the consumer.

Show off your brand

Show your brand from the first frame, glance. A consumer should not have to do the extra step of searching and researching who you are, frankly they won’t. Part of being straight to the point is letting the consumer know who is talking to them, so flaunt your logo up!


So marketers gear up, some of you may be already familiar with these practices while others needed a reminder! It’s easy to push for these with the right tools at hand, so dig deeper and stay tuned for more of our useful tips and tricks.

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