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The Power of Linkedin

I had just graduated from college with a Master’s degree and I was ready to start looking for a job. But where to start? I quickly realized that job seeking, like everything else, had not kept away from the world’s digitalization. In the same way as our social interactions are now done through Facebook or Instagram, our job search is done through Linkedin.

Linkedin is the perfect platform to promote your ideal persona “Dress for the role you want” applies here in a sense. You want to project an image of yourself that will attract the job (role) you would like to have. After all, beyond being a platform where people can look for jobs, Linkedin allows employers to find you.

Building your own brand

Firstly, through Linkedin, you have the opportunity to create a brand for yourself and practice self-marketing. Your professional brand focuses on two aspects: who you are and where you want to be. . Hence, your Linkedin should, on one hand, present your identity, background, and skills and, on the other hand, your ideal job and role, as well as your career and professional goals.

In comparison to using an online website to build your brand and give out more information, Linkedin is a free tool, it requires less effort and it is more accessible, allowing employers the chance to get the most important information and make faster, more appropriate decisions.

Foster a network

A crucial aspect of having an updated Linkedin profile is the chance to foster a network. Today, instead of searching your pockets to find a business card you were given ages ago, you can add someone on Linkedin as soon as you meet them. Keeping your connections active is a great way to stay in touch with your network as you never know when the need to reach out will arise in the future.

Additionally, Linkedin gives you the opportunity to connect with anyone you’d like, from your university’s alumni to your greatest role models. Having an updated Linkedin profile outlining your education and experience, allows you to create more links and share common experiences with people who may or may not be going through similar situations.

Rank your name on Google

Finally, on a more technical aspect, an updated Linkedin profile helps to rank your name on Google. When you’re in contact with employers or recruiters, they are most likely to google your name. Try entering your name on Google and see where your Linkedin Profile ranks (if you don’t see it on the first page, you should probably go update it right about now).


To sum up, updating your Linkedin profile eases your way into the job market, as well as fostering your professional network and keeping it alive! So what are you waiting for?

Not sure where to start? Reach out to the MC Portfolios team. We are happy to help you set it up!

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