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The Power of Social Media

It’s hard to pin-point the exact moment the conversion from traditional news consumption to social media happened. However, with every growing movement and every global event, we notice the same pattern: the spark is always ignited through social media.

Not too long ago, we were still relying on our TVs and the local newspapers to get the latest news, but, today, we have all the knowledge at the tip of our fingers. No event, news or announcement goes unnoticed. We are constantly aware of everything that is happening anywhere in the world, as soon as it happens, and with better precision.

Whether it is an activist going live on their platform, or memes of a President’s Tweet going viral, we have become global citizens, better connected than ever. This has created a new form of marketing that brands must get behind, and here are a couple of ways to do so.

1. Brand vs Persona

Nowadays, a brand is perceived as a persona. We judge a brand based on its level of relativity to us, on its values and on the content being shared. Is it attractive to us? Does it spark our interest? Do we agree with what it stands for? Are they socially conscious? The interpretation and appreciation of a brand has changed drastically, presenting a challenge for most marketers. However, this shift has also presented an opportunity to become more personal with the end user or your audience and to establish a basis for a long lasting bond, as they exist between people.

2. Take a Stand

The online community is quick to judge and that is why brands should stand for something, support causes or implement CSR (corporate social responsibility) campaigns. When a brand showcases strong values, they create a sense of respect from customers and peers alike, pushing the industry to become more involved. Whether it is raising awareness on a specific issue or backing up critical movements, marketers should use their brand’s voice to give back and spread positivity.

3. Be Real

Clearly the online community is the best PC (politically correct) police due to its ability to instantly raise awareness and reveal every little mis-step. This forces brands to be real and transparent, sharing actual content and honest company values. A brand cannot claim to be socially conscious while producing in poor conditions, there is little room for public dishonesty. Social media has exposed wrong doings and put many brands under scrutiny. The best thing marketers can do is to portray accurately the reality behind their brand image in order to avoid being put under the microscope.


We are witnesses to various initiatives from brands to support and promote important causes, and we see what the power of social media can do on a daily basis. Many brands have now shifted their communication to doing good and this can only be attributed to the work of the global citizens using social media as a weapon to right the wrongs.

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