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Top 5 Skills To Be A Good Marketer

Whether you’re working as an in-house marketer, or as part of an agency, your job is to uphold the reputation of the brand you’re working for. This responsibility, which may seem simple, in reality has to take into consideration a myriad of different factors, such as the target audience, the market research, the industry trends, etc. In order to do that, there are certain abilities you need to master. Read on to find out the Top 5 Skills to be a good marketer according to MC Portfolios.

1. Natural Writing Skills

Marketers create a lot of content which involves a lot of writing. In fact, writing is at the basis of everything a marketer does: ad copy, copywriting, social media posts and captions, press releases, blog posts, and so on. Marketers need to be extremely confident and timely in their writing abilities, especially considering the fact that they always have to respect a deadline and, often, a limited number of words through which they need to communicate their message clearly. Additionally to the message being clear, it has to be nicely expressed, relatable and appealing to the target audience.

2. Confident and Strategic Communication Skills

Needless to say, a good marketer has to be on top of their interpersonal skills. Marketing is all about sharing, about creating relationships with your network, about understanding the needs, feelings and desires of your audience, both internally and externally, Interpersonal communication is very important when you’re choosing and analyzing what to say and to whom. The best way to develop that skill is to genuinely enjoy communicating and developing professional relationships, because it’s going to be a major part of your job.

3. Impeccable Organization of Responsibilities

A marketer, very often, wears many hats. What we mean by that, is they have to handle many responsibilities at the same time involving different stakeholders. A marketer today is expected to be a creative designer, a great copywriter, a content creator, a photographer, a public relations specialist, and the list goes on. In order to handle all of this without driving yourself crazy, you need to be class A organized. For example, when creating your content calendars for your social media platforms, the most efficient way to go is by creating content for a whole month and scheduling it before the beginning of said month. A good marketer is always planning ahead and is not afraid to ask for help to achieve their objectives and ensure the satisfaction of all the people involved in a certain project or task. Being organized is a must, as a marketer. It is what allows them to keep up with their responsibilities successfully.

4. Data Analysis and Recommendation Skills

One thing to keep in mind is we are human, and we all make mistakes. This is also true for marketers. Through trial and error and data analysis, marketers are able to understand how to adjust their strategy to match their target market’s needs. Marketers cannot afford to passively ignore their clients, which is why collecting the data and going through it thoroughly are crucial to reaching their goals. . Marketers need to set up clear anchors that will help them determine whether their initial strategy is working, and by gathering customer feedback, they are able to identify the mistakes and make better recommendations to achieve positive outcomes.

5. Creative Storytelling Skills

As a last point, remember that you are trying to build a brand, attract customers, maintain a reputation, and sell your product. In our experience, people don’t buy logic - they buy emotions. From a social media post, to a lengthy blog, marketers need to be captivating. In our day and age, it’s so easy to get bored and switch to another page, this is why what will differentiate you from the rest is being able to tell a good story. A story that inspires people, a story that people want to read or share.


In conclusion, being a marketer is a lot more demanding than most people believe but the best skill you can have is to enjoy every single aspect of your job. It is only by loving what you do that you can embrace your responsibilities and excel at them. Dealing with the audience on the other side of the screen, creating and maintaining great relationships, and turning everything into a story, are only a few aspects of a marketer’s job. If you want to develop these skills, we encourage you to start a career in marketing! We guarantee you will love it!

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