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Working From Home: A 21st Century Convention

The world we live in today represents a new era, one where everything is digitised. For most of us, our work can be done from home and that has been shown through the unfortunate event of the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore we find ourselves working from home, which can in turn be both a blessing or a curse. Gaining the time usually spent on commuting in the morning is obviously ideal, however, it can become a bit tricky sometimes. If you’re finding it difficult having to work from home it’s normal - it’s hard to adapt a work environment to your home. Not only can it render you unproductive, but it may also blur the lines between work and home, making it more complicated to relax at home. That’s why it is crucial to set up a workspace within your house and we wanted to share tips with you on how to handle your work-from-home situation.

Create a workspace

When at home, we can be tempted to lay down on the sofa, laptop in hand and start working from there . If this works for you then great, but it is believed to be unproductive for most people. Start by dedicating a space on a comfortable table i.e living room table, dining table or study room, just make sure it is somewhere quiet and where you can set up your computer and surround yourself with an office environment. . I, for one, like to keep myself motivated by keeping books that inspire me by my side. Working from home doesn’t have to mean losing contact with everyone from the office. There are great softwares like Zoom or Skype, that can be used for meetings, catch ups and water cooler conversations!

Stick to a routine

A classic: sticking to a routine. However, it’s one of the most important rules to keep you sane. Evidently, working from home is a great time to catch up on some sleep and online yoga classes, but also a great opportunity to learn how to work on your own time, creating a tailor-made schedule that fits all your daily needs. Nevertheless, continuing to wake up early and keeping a schedule are proven to increase your productivity, this is why it is important to stick to a routine. If you work in marketing, here’s two helpful tools : Meetedgar and Hootsuite. These two tools have the same goal: scheduling your posts on social media. It helps keep track of posts, and stay on schedule without having to worry or be constantly reminded that it is time to post. Personally, I make sure to schedule my posts Monday morning for the whole week.

Stay in touch with your coworkers

Lastly, stay in touch with your coworkers. This will help you keep the balance of office life, it will also motivate you through solidarity. Don’t underestimate the power of having your co-workers next to you, they need you just as much as you need them In order to create an office atmosphere within your home, you can use applications such as Slack. Slack is an online chatting tool that allows you to talk to anyone of your colleagues, it’s easy and intuitive making it simple to communicate. Another great website is Trello. Trello is an online to do list tool that helps you keep track of your tasks along with your coworkers tasks, making it simple to stay updated with the your office’s workload and to stay organized,


To sum up, working from home can easily make you feel lonely or unproductive, so try these simple steps that could aid your daily life.

Stay tuned for more helpful tips through the MC Portfolios blogs.

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